“Of Bitches and Pricks” – Pilot

Boooya. Jipieee. Yiiihaaa. I’m happy to present you the pilot episode of “Of Bitches and Pricks”.  You can now enjoy the “real” OBAP.

To be honest: We started this project with fairly high ambitions and weren’t able to hold up to all of them. My weekly blog never really took off and Cindy ceased writing after a couple of weeks (You’ll find out – She’s a bitch sometimes). So, if you were the one person that followed this website on a daily basis waiting for the third post of Jonathan’s Weekly, here are my apologies to you. Still, I’m very pleased with what we achieved (I graduated).

To everyone, who helped this project come to live: Thank you very much. I had a great time creating this with you. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Now sit down, watch and enjoy the pilot episode of “Of Bitches and Pricks”. Then let us know what you think, share the show and if you haven’t already take a look Behind the Scenes.


PS: All Germanglish in this text is for Gabe Pannell. Keep it in your heart.